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Fiber optics is changing the way people access the internet. Residential consumers are not the only ones who can reap the benefits of high-speed internet. Beyond fast downloads and online streaming, business fiber optic internet offers a wide range of benefits for businesses. It could provide the much needed boost you need.

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What is business fiber optic internet?

Instead of copper, fiber optics use glass materials. Signals made of light that carry data are sent through the cables over long distances. The result is a faster and more reliable connection. Businesses that rely heavily on cloud-based services and software stand to benefit the most from fiber internet.

What are the advantages of Fiber Optic Internet?

Fiber optic internet for business offers many advantages such as:

  • Fast internet– With speeds ranging from 10Mpbs and up to 10Gbps, fiber internet lets you do more in less time. It also offers increased bandwidth, which allows support for more users with zero reduction in speed.
  • Reliable connection – Fiber internet is inherently more stable since the material used is not affected by electrical interference, which could come from power lines in your area. The connection remains active even during a power outage and has the best levels of uptime.
  • Cost efficiency – ISPs offer business fiber optic internet plans to suit your needs. For instance, a dedicated connection allows businesses to opt for bursts of extra speed or increased bandwidth.
  • Adaptability – High-speed fiber optics lets your business integrate new technologies into your day-to-day operations easily. Take advantage of new innovations as they come or as needed.
  • Integrated work force – Fiber internet for your business opens up the use of data-heavy applications. It helps you share data among your workers seamlessly. Video conferencing lets them meet and collaborate on projects.

How is it different from residential fiber optic internet?

Business fiber optic internet is essentially the same as residential fiber internet. They operate on the same fiber optic infrastructure. The difference is that speed and reliability for business is much improved.

ISPs also offer more features over a residential connection. This might include a static IP, a custom domain, an email account and web hosting. These features contribute to your bottom line and help you do your business.

The internet is now a vital tool for businesses, which makes a high-speed connection all the more necessary. Business fiber optic internet brings some of the best features of any type of connection available today.

Fiber Optic News

14th June, 2016

AT&T has expanded Business Fiber in Fresno, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, El Paso, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and San Francisco markets. Additional business customers in can now enjoy download and upload speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.

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